Steiff Button in Ear Trademark

Perfected unique specimen

Steiff Button in Ear, Knopf im Ohr, Trademark
Characteristics which turn a brand into a legend.

Whether a cuddly toy is a member of the big Steiff family becomes apparent by the famous “Button in Ear” trademark. This has varying designs depending on status. The yellow tag specifies that it is a “legitimate” member of the family. A white ear tag with red writing is only worn by animals in limited editions. And finally, you can recognise the Steiff Selection Edition by the silver writing on the white ear tag. These are the members with a particularly exclusive “gift” status


Steiff have good reason to be proud and happy: after all, the Steiff “Button in Ear” is one of the world´s most renowned trademarks.

If you look closely at the assortment for collectors and enthusiasts, you will see that there has been a change to the ear tag in recent times. This change affects all collectors´ items from 2015 from the replica, limited editions and unlimited classic collection.

Existing standard ranges have the new ear tag from January 2015. As a result products which are produced before January will still get the “old” ear tag.

New Ear Tag

They will have an ear tag with the current Steiff logo on the front and the reference to the product group.

This print replaces the earlier one with the bear’s head and tag, and the wording “Knopf im Ohr”. The back of the ear tag remains the same. The ear tags for children’s/baby items and the Margarete Steiff Edition are unchanged. The reason for this change to ear tags is to increase the distinction between collectors´ and the children´s/baby assortment and is based on guidelines for toys.

Steiff knopf im ohr

Guarantee for highest Teddy Bear Culture!


Steiff Button in Ear Replicas

The Teddy bears and animals of the replica series by Steiff are a very special and extraordinary species. This means that these true-to-original animals are reproduced exactly according to their historic role models from the Steiff Archives. This outstanding distinction lets Steiff friends, fans and collectors know that this is a particularly limited edition Steiff animal with extraordinary, historic character.

Button in Ear” includes the year

In order to document this special status, all Steiff replicas have the faithful “Button in Ear” indicating the year in which they were made and, from spring 2017 onwards, a replica ear tag as well. In future, the previous white tag with black lettering will be sewn into the side seam of the product and will contain the article and limited edition number.


 Steiff Button in Ear Limited Edition
Limited Editions
All these animals and Teddy bears at Steiff are very pleased  to receive the extraordinary distinction of the white ear tag with red writing because these are produced in a limited edition.
This means that only a limited number are available and some are available only in certain countries.
Each of these limited edition Steiff animals with the white ear tag and the gold-plated “Button in Ear” also brings his new owner a certificate that ensures the authenticity and special status as a limited edition Steiff animal.



Steiff Button in Ear Classic Collection

Classic Collection
Every original Steiff animal with the world-famous trademark, the Steiff “Button in Ear”, shows that it comes from one of the best families – and every Steiff Teddy bear and Steiff animal proudly wears an ear tag as a clearly recognisable identification.

Both big and small Steiff fans immediately recognise the yellow Steiff ear tag with red writing. It shows that this is one of the many, wonderful animals and Teddy bears from the wide, unlimited Steiff assortment – an unmistakeable original from the famous company with a long-standing tradition.



Steiff Button in Ear Baby - Child Collection

Child/Baby Collection
This ear tag marks all of the child and baby products. For better differentiation between the child/baby assortment and the Classic Collection, this ear tag additionally shows the Steiff bear head.


The Steiff Purity Law

Uncompromising perfection.

Steiff Purity Law

When we say that ”for children, only the best is good enough“ then that’s no empty promise but rather a creed Steiff has been living for generations: children are our present and our future. All cuddly animals produced and sold must therefore more than comply with the highest of demands with regard to quality, safety, processing and material characteristics.

Consequently Steiff places this standard above all other specified international controls and tests. Steiff’s purity law is a fixed component of Steiff’s corporate culture and is the basis for the trust their customers have bestowed in them for many years: that’s what the Steiff seal stands for.


Here are the details of  the Steiff purity law for plush items and how Steiff operates accordingly. This is not only because the legislation demands but also, more importantly, because they want to.

1. Free of pollutant

We voluntarily go above and beyond the standards required by law, as we are convinced that only toys that are completely harmless to health deserve the good name of Steiff.

2. Harmless dyes

With all dyes, we have voluntarily set the limit values more stringently than required by law. There is no worry whatsoever over children putting Steiff products in their mouths.

3. Top quality materials

In our own Steiff Schulte weaving production facility in Duisburg, we weave the finest natural fibres such as mohair and alpaca or woven fur made of synthetic fibres.

 4. Finest plush quality

The plush of a Steiff toy has always been something special: it is exceptionally lifelike, soft, durable, and sheds almost no hair. We use only top quality outer material.

5. Harmless stuffing

We use only brand new, harmless materials for the stuffing in our Teddy bears and cuddly toys.

6. Best seam workmanship

This is ensured by the standardised Steiff seam widths and the high stitch density that is typical only for toys from our company. A Steiff toy therefore lasts a lifetime.

7. Hygienic production

In the production of our toys, we pay careful and thorough attention to compliance with all
hygiene and purity requirements.
Therefore we use metal detectors throughout the entire production process.

8. Independently checked

We have had our products checked by independent institutions for decades and we work intensively with other independent establishments such as TÜV and Dekra. In our
laboratory in Giengen an der Brenz, we also perform over 12,000 checks every year. The
Steiff quality management system is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.

9. Unrivalled quality since 1880

Our production is completely
environmentally friendly across all stages and keeps in mind the immaculate quality and durability of our products. A Steiff toy can therefore be a companion right through childhood and still give great pleasure even into adult life.

Quality first

It’s a fair question: these days, when cheap soft toys are readily available, why should customers choose Steiff? If you asked us, we would certainly point to aspects such as the lovingly child-friendly design of our toys. Or our unique range of products, our long tradition and so on. However, there is one more criterion that sets apart the brand with the “Button in Ear”: its superior quality.

Margarete Steiff, the innovative founder of our company, used to say: “Only the best is good enough for children”. Today, 135 years later, this still holds true for us – every day and at every workstation.

Commitment to safe toys

Particularly in a time when synthetic additives abound unseen, we want you to be able to rest assured that the soft, silky fur of your child’s playmate is free of any harmful substances. Our toys contain no detachable small parts or materials that children shouldn’t put in their mouths. This means that the children can play safely with their furry friends for life – and that their parents know that they are in safe paws.

We at Steiff see our commitment to safe toys as the most important of many reasons for opting for Steiff. Here, you can see what we mean by this and how we put it into practice. We subject ourselves to far stricter standards than those required by law – because it is simply second nature to us.

The Dekra certificate


The Dekra certificate

Completely safe from a mechanical, chemical, physical, health and hygiene perspective: therefore Steiff products pass strict, internationally renowned tests in order to obtain the Dekra certificate.



The CE mark

The CE mark

Product safety in accordance with European toy safety directives: all Steiff
products bear the CE mark.




The ‘spiel gut‘ AwardThe ”spiel gut“ Award

The Children’s Toys Working Committee awarded Steiff the “spiel gut”
award for outstanding toys. Above all, the material, production and usage
of these toys were examined.



TÜV SÜD - ISO 9001 CertificationThe ISO 9001 Certification

Exemplary quality management: furthermore Steiff regularly meets the strict ISO 9001 requirements during certification audits.





Steiff Quality first


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