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Steiff Collections

Steiff creates a great many Collections, from which we have chosen to offer their most traditional ranges. But also, most importantly for Babies, we offer the BabyWorld Collection, focusing specifically on the Natural Organic Cotton Bio-Baby Collection.

In keeping with tradition

Some things may be thousands or several hundred years old –but they cannot be significantly improved. However, they can be continued at the highest level: That’s why we like Steiff ’s manufacturing concept so much. “Manufacture” is an old Latin term: “manus”, the hand, “facere” to do, build or produce something. And if this thought, this concept hadn’t already existed, Steiff would surely have invented it.

Creating something with your hands. Allowing skill, experience and craftsmanship to flow into the creation process.

Bringing in passion, commitment and lots of love for detail into the creative process – in order to bring something extraordinary and unique to life. But that’s what it is: For Steiff, manufacture is far more than just a fashionable word. Because, true to the spirit of the founder Margarete Steiff, the company fully commits to not only honour the tradition of manufacture, but to continually imbue it with new life.

Day after day.
With every animal leaving the company so steeped in tradition.

Steiff’s Purity Seal

Steiff Collections Quality Symbol

Steiff Collections –
For children, only the best is good enough.

When Steiff says that “for children, only the best is good enough” then that’s no empty promise but rather a creed they have been living for generations: children are our present and our future.
All cuddly animals produced and sold must therefore more than comply with the highest of demands with regard to quality, safety, processing and material characteristics.
The company places this standard above all other specified international controls and tests. Steiff’s purity law is a fixed component of Steiff’s corporate culture and is the basis for the trust their customers have bestowed in the company and products for many years:

…..that’s what the Steiff seal stands for.

Steiff Collections – Replicas

A past to touch, experience and love.

Steiff Collections Replica Bears - Teddy bear replica 1906

It is a fascination which has already made history. A fascination of the here and now – and a fascination with which each and every Steiff friend and collector continues into the future: the fascination of Steiff replicas.

Each and every Steiff animal and Teddy bear has its very own personality, which has its very own story behind it. And this story it would like to tell to its owner and share it with them. Each Steiff Teddy bear of the limited Replica edition is a fascinating entity; an entity which brings the flair of the past into the now: because each Replica Teddy bear, from head to paw, fibre for fibre, seam for seam is a faithful recreation of the very first Teddy bear from the very first day.

The Teddy bear is lovingly handmade and decorated with traditional tools and in accordance with the original design – as only in this way can nothing but perfection be the result.


Steiff Collections – Limited Editions

Particularly beautiful.  Particularly rare.

Steiff Collections Limited Edition Bears - Flora and Florinchen

Limited Editions
Welcome! The Steiff animals from the limited editions welcome you to the Club of Rarities and Special Beauties.

How do they become members of this exclusive circle? Well, they must have a very distinct, striking personality, these warm, bright and honest eyes, with a penchant for making themselves scarce – and remaining so. That’s why Steiff is also a little proud that the “limited” attribute of the animals from their factory also always meant “especially desirable” for Steiff friends and collectors.

Consequently the animals from their worldwide limited special editions always find new friends, owners and a new home particularly fast.


Steiff Collections – Classic

Faithful companions in all walks of life.

Steiff Collections Classic Bears and Toys - Necklace - Little Bear and Little Elephant

Classic Collection
Most noteworthy, you can see whether a cuddly toy is a member of the big Steiff family or not from the famous trademark “Button in Ear“. The yellow tag shows that it is one of the many wonderful animals and Teddy bears from the wide, unlimited Steiff range. The Classic Collection is made of the best and highest quality materials – mohair and alpaca.


Steiff Collections – Organic Cotton

Eco-quality of the highest level.

Steiff Collections Bio-Baby Natural Organic Cotton

The Steiff Bio-Baby series is made of pure organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation.

The organic cotton, woven in Steiff’s own weaving mill Steiff Schulte in Duisburg, is certified according to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and complies with IVN guidelines (Internationaler Verband der Naturtextilien [International Association of the Natural Textile Industry]).

As a result, this allows Steiff to achieve incomparable product quality, which stands for all-round unspoilt nature: ecological cultivation without pesticides, no application of optical brighteners, colouring without allergenic components as well as fair working conditions for all those involved.

Feeling, touching, smelling and tasting – that’s how our little ones discover their big world. And are now joined by their Steiff friends made of purely organic materials.


Steiff Collections for Baby

Little but great!

Steiff Collections for Baby - Carrie Rabbit

For children, only the best is good enough. A famous quote from Margarete Steiff for whom children were at the centre of everything she did. To this very day, her motto is a guiding principle of the Steiff company’s philosophy: Steiff creates valuable and child-appropriate toys and accessories for children from the day they are born. There are soft comforters and grip toys with integrated rattle. The musical toys help babies go to sleep.

Steiff cherry pit heat cushions soothe belly aches and cool scraped knees. The 3-in-1 products, with comforter, wooden ring and pet animal, stimulate child activity in a particular fashion: arms and legs of Carrie Rabbit are movable, the carrot attached to the wrist is rustling and its belly contains a squeaker. The Steiff assortment for babies and small children combines stimulation, learning, enjoyable play and cuddling.

From holding the first Steiff object there is a natural progression to loving one’s favourite Steiff pet animal. The first companion becomes a friend for life.


Steiff Collections – Baby gift sets

The perfect combination.

Steiff Collections Gift Sets

Giving something to wear or to play with – what’s the right choice for a newborn? As a perfect solution we recommend several individually designed gift sets. Comprised of a pretty romper suit, one or several play things and a matching suitcase, the dilemma is resolved. And to make things even easier, the right packaging comes with it. All sets commend themselves to customers who want to give objects of beauty.

Here’s a small hint: photos of baby with play set and little suitcase will be a memory for life. Therefore these will perhaps enchant the little models even when they have grown up into big adults.


Personalised Teddy bears

Giving is as much a pleasure as receiving!

Steiff Collections Personalised Teddy bears

A Steiff Teddy bear or animal lasts for ever – it will always be remembered by its recipient. Because special occasions call for special gifts, Steiff has come up with some wonderful gift ideas. Accordingly, these Teddy bears’ paw pads are embroidered according to your specifications – gifts for weddings and birthdays, but also to celebrate a child’s first day at school or the birth or baptism of a baby.


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